The Low & Slow Cooking Show - Wagyu Carne Asada

Aug 31, 2022

Featured Meat: Pasture-Raised Wagyu Flank Steak

As the name suggests, this cut comes from the flank, below the loin. It's a more affordable cut of Wagyu, typically lean, and delicious when marinated. Its ample marbling adds mouth-watering flavor and tenderness.

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In today's episode, we're making Carne Asada for some incredible tacos!



  • Marinate Wagyu Flank Steak overnight in your favorite salsa verde.
  • Begin heating grill.
  • When the grill is ready, season both sides with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place the steak on the grill. Flip halfway through.
  • While the flank steak is cooking, chop your cilantro and onions. Toss together in a bowl with lime juice. Chop jalapeños to garnish.
  • Pull the steak off the grill when it reaches an internal temperature of 135/140 degrees.
  • Let the steak rest, top with fresh lime juice, then slice in very thin strips against the grain.
  • Create your tacos and top with pico de gallo, cilantro and onions, jalapeños, and lime juice. Wow! 

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