How We Raise Our Pasture-Raised Animals

Jun 8, 2022

Through sustainable, care-focused farming, we’re here to make a difference.

Here at Wilders we are passionate about raising well-rounded animals including pasture-raised chickens, full-blood Wagyu, Angus cattle, and Berkshire pigs. Everyday the animals are tended to with love and attention. 

The quality-care that we provide our animals with include accurate ethical treatment and sustainable farming methods. These things are practiced in order for us to properly steward our land, people, and animals while providing customers with quality products. 

One thing that is interesting about our animals is that they are grain-finished. This means that they consume forage for most of their life but finish on grain or feed. We do this instead of grass-finished because it gives our products more marbling and flavor. 

If an animal gets sick, we treat them with medicine like a human. There is no use of hormones or antibiotics. We strive to have happy and healthy animals no matter the circumstance. 

For additional information about our Wagyu genetics click here.

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