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At Wilders, we’re here to make a difference, and that starts with impacting our community and all the folks in it. In an effort to serve and give back, we’re partnering with OneCompassion.

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When a crisis hits, access to practical resources can be the difference between just a "bump in the road," or a forever life changing event. With the support of donors and volunteers, we're working with OneCompassion to bridge that gap, providing resources to help families in Johnston County get back on their feet.


Donated 5,000+ pounds of Wilders in 2022

Many Wilders meat donations benefit the OneCompassion Holiday Ministry

Wilders donated 500 pounds of Wagyu ground beef to assist with disaster relief in Florida after Hurricane lan in October 2022.

Wilders donated 1100 pounds of beef and pork for the 2022 OC Holiday Ministry season.

YTD in 2023, Wilders has donated 6,000 pounds of beef (Through end of April 2023)

Wilders' goal for 2023, is to donate 20,000 pounds of beef

Join us at OneTable!

OneTable is a neighborhood event series designed to encourage togetherness, community, inclusiveness and compassion. Wilders has teamed up with OneCompassion to sponsor OneTable meals throughout the year. Whether it’s serving Wilders burgers or bratwurst, we want to be tied into the local community and foster togetherness over good food!