What is Wagyu Beef?

Mar 30, 2022

So you've stumbled upon Wagyu steaks and want to know what makes them so good (and so expensive!) If there's anything to know about this highly sought-after prime cut, it's quality over quantity.

Wagyu (translated “Japanese cow”) is a Japanese cattle breed. Larger and stronger than other American cattle breeds, they are known for having more fat marbling woven throughout their muscle. This fat-to-meat balance produces a highly sought-after steak that is more tender, juicy, and rich than other steak. 

100% Full-blood Wagyu

Wilders serves only 100% Full-blood Japanese Wagyu. This pure-bred variety means our Wagyu beef is not mixed with any other varieties, unlike American Wagyu Beef, which combines purebred wagyu with traditional cattle.

Pasture-Raised Wagyu Marbling

You’ll notice that 100% Full-blood Wagyu has a richness that is unmatched in any other steak. This is due to the exceptionally high distribution of fat, or marbling, throughout the steak. Most people note a buttery, or even sweet taste, compared to commercial beef.

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